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Feeling Through Practice

Feeling Through Practice

Talking isn’t the only way to express and process emotions. For me, yoga has been a vital and affirming experimental path towards allowing every inch of my body to ~ feel.

For awhile, I found the concept of yoga quite intimidating. I would book a class, take the back corner in the studio and through my practice all I could concentrate on was how others were doing it.

It was when I really dived into my career in graphic design that I found my means to express myself through sharing my story creatively. I launched Personal Studio, working alone felt perfect, I didn’t have to speak, no one watched me, I had space to breathe through it. 

But as my body learnt to feel anxious, it threw me off path. My focus grew more and more on others, distracting myself in a lifestyle my body was fighting against. What looked “real” on the outside felt like an internal battle.

Just as energy never dies, love never dies. Love is pure energy, so when we experience it “break” in our minds and our bodies, or in whatever form it takes - we experience grief.

Determined to find peace I committed to attend yoga practice. Hayley Steadman became my mentor and within her teachings I was reminded through practice that I was safe to feel in my body. To feel more openly. 

Those feelings are often difficult. As I practiced I would spend time at the end laying on my mat trying to comprehend what was happening in my life. Sometimes, we just don’t know. As we evolve spiritually, we become more and more okay with this.

As I practice now, I learn to accept what my body wants me to feel. My practice allowed me to process sadness. How to calm down, accept, and continue moving forward with compassion. What we find is that everything we encounter has something to teach us. About ourselves. About someone else. 

Yoga really is a journey, within yourself. And feeling a deeper love in a relationship with your whole self is where it will begin.  

“The truth is, we came here to create. To find purpose. To be free. To exist in our natural, collaborative space for abundance and share it so that others may realise this is their true nature, too. To form community. To learn how to trust, surrender, and forgive.” — Dr Nicole LePera