Practitioner Profile #3

Practitioner Profile #3

Peter Simon Phillips 

Fashion Stylist/Creative Director

What Does Your Practice Look Like 
I like to think my practice is ever present, yoga has taught me to be more conscious of every action. It has influenced the way I communicate with people, my relationship with animals and the impact my life has on the earth. My asana practice is daily ideally. I usually spend three evenings a week with my teacher in India Jinu Vinhoothy via zoom, we generally do a more traditional hatha practice with longer holds which really facilitates focus and time to connect with the posture. The other days are at Jivamukti Sydney who foster a beautiful community of practitioners. It’s a faster more energetic practice where I love building that tapas and connecting movement with my breath. Throw in a few mornings of a simple asana sequence and bhakti and I’m a happy yogi. 

What First Brought You To Your Spiritual Practice
I’ve always had a connection to the idea of karma, When I started practicing with Jivamukti they gave me insights into ahimsa (non-harm / non-violence) as part of a yoga practice and it got me interested to dig a little deeper in to yoga philosophy. As a queer gay man the word “God” never made me feel very comfortable or accepted but learning to take ownership of the word and its meaning has had a profound impact on the way I view spirituality.

What Has Been The Biggest Obstacle In Your Practice
The obstacles are ever changing, time, focus, seated wide leg straddles… definitely seated wide leg straddles!

How Have You Overcome This 
I think I can always find the time when I want to, letting what the practice looks like evolve with whats going on in my life. The focus comes about in different ways depending on the distraction, breath or sadhana usually get me back on the path. Regarding that seated wide leg straddle tho… that hasn’t been overcome yet, will it ever? I’ll keep working on it.

What Is The Biggest Insight You’ve Received From Your Practice
The power of the mind to overcome obstacles be that physical or mental. The increased awareness a steady regular practice has brought me and the sustenance a community of likeminded people can bring. 

दूरेण ह्यवरं कर्म बुद्धियोगाद्धनञ्जय |
बुद्धौ शरणमन्विच्छ कृपणा: फलहेतव:

“Seek refuge in the attitude

of detachment and you

will amass the wealth

of spiritual awareness.

The one who is motivated

only by the desire for

the fruits of their action, 

and anxious about the results, 

is miserable indeed.”

(Bhagavad Gita)

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