Andrea Kwiatkowski –

Practitioner Profile #4

Practitioner Profile #4

Andrea Kwiatkowski 

Yoga Practitioner 

What Does Your Practice Look Like 
It’s an interesting question as for me Life is the practice, practice is life. The word practice can be defined as an application or use of an idea, a method, a belief, a habit, a way of doing something, that’s life ! My practice involves daily movement, a day without asana  or connecting to the earth doesn’t feel good. I like to chant and read a daily quote, normally from the Bhagavad Gita or Yoga sutras which will be interwoven into my teaching, I walk with my dog and like to cook a meal from scratch each day which I see as my sadhana, I make time for it. The last couple of years breath work and meditation have also been added daily . It’s a good use of my day and helps me show up and become more present in my life. 

What First Brought You To Your Spiritual Practice 
My spiritual practice began with the death of my Grandmother who I was very close to when I was 10 years old. Her influence guides me to this day. I think when we experience death closely at any age it can trigger the questions who am I, what happens after I die? I trained as a dancer and travelled widely over the world in my twenties, this bought me closer to eastern philosophy,  yoga and Buddhist practices. Always with that question, what’s the purpose of spirit ? I try to connect with ‘param Brahma’ the teacher that is beyond the beyond, meeting and studying with my present teachers 15 years ago deepened my experience and joined the dots of life and yoga. 

What Has Been The Biggest Obstacle In Your Practice
Myself, when I get in the way, try to control the outcome. I’m a creature of habit so when I don’t feel I have enough time to “steer to the deep “ or life gets in the way. 

How Have You Overcome This 
Reminding myself that the process is about learning to let go ultimately, whether it’s of a fixed idea or karma from previous lifetimes, it’s all the lesson.  No one is in your way, other than you. Time is a big factor in the maturity of the practice, as you age does the practice deepen or do you deepen towards the practice?  I like to remember that I’m moving forward and closer to something, hopefully the lightness and brightness. There’s a saying that goes “We spend the first half of our life trying to become someone and then the last half trying to undo who we’ve become“. 

What Is The Biggest Insight You’ve Received From Your Practice
To see the extraordinary in the ordinary moment. How the inhale affects the exhale, how what I do affects every relationship I will ever have and what I think, say and do in this world really matters. It’s big stuff but it makes life exciting and I am grateful for this life in practice…

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