Cat Alip-Douglas –

Practitioner Profile #5

Practitioner Profile #5

Cat Alip-Douglas

I generally just remind students of things they already know and in turn, keeps me accountable as well :) Officially: Yoga teacher/sangyé yoga school minder

What Does Your Practice Look Like 
Ever-evolving but certainly more forgiving and less judgemental (self-critical) than it used to be, especially in post-practise practise. i would say impermanence reminds me of that possibility all the time. i am also more grateful for the simple achievements at my age and in turn, am able to appreciate that in students who are just beginning, struggling, feeling lazy, hurting, uninspired, wrought with excuses and/or beating themselves up...because i know how it feels. however, i also don’t coddle students because i also know where change takes place.

What First Brought You To Your Spiritual Practice 
My parents but not in the way i could make sense of it, catholicism. however, in rebelling and going wide with spirituality, i can fully appreciate where i rest and how i arrived in the spiritual science of tibetan buddhism. my husband phil was/is a living example of that. 

What Has Been The Biggest Obstacle In Your Practice
Asana practise? Ageing body, laziness, lack of enthusiasm to make shapes for the sake of making shapes. Seated practise? ignorance.

How Have You Overcome This
 repeatedly spar with starting over:)

What Is The Biggest Insight You’ve Received From Your Practice
It’s not so big or earth shattering…insight applied delivers experience that can be tasted. this is how teachings come to life. It’s not just about the ideas/words and how well one can convey them. in this age of cut and paste, you probably know what i mean.

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