Reiku Morello –

Practitioner Profile #6

Practitioner Profile #6

Reiku Morello

Yoga practitioner & Access Bars practitioner

What Does Your Practice Look Like
For Asana practices, it is different every day these days. Some days, I include some movements that could go long or short, somedays, I’m drawn to more quieter ones such as yin, myofascial release, restorative, meditation, yoga nidra. Some days I mix and match movements and stillness practices. I ask my body what it likes (or doesn’t like) that particular time and day. I also see other things as my practices too: going to nature, cooking meals, having real conversations, anything that helps me cultivate more awareness.

What First Brought You To Your Spiritual Practice
The sense of “losing myself” and desiring to bring back myself again brought to my practice. I was trying so hard to “fit in” when I first came to Sydney, which never worked any way. The harder I tried to fit in, the further away I felt from myself.

What Has Been The Biggest Obstacle In Your Practice
Judgement about myself

How Have You Overcome This
Well, I’m still working in progress and I wouldn’t say I have overcome that completely, but yoga, meditation, access bars, and other modalities I came across along the way definitely contributed to me so much to become less and less judgemental. And I noticed that the less judgemental I become about myself, the less judgemental about others.

What Is The Biggest Insight You’ve Received From Your Practice
You are the only one who can curate your own life the way you desire, nobody else! My practices are creating the platform for that.

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