taking shape

taking shape

When we practice yoga asana we are making shapes with our physical bodies. As we move through a sequence we are constantly preparing our bodies for the next moment, the next shape. Whether we are working towards a deep hip opening posture or a challenging inversion we know that we need to follow a particular path or direction to get there. It would be very difficult to step onto the yoga mat and simply place the leg behind the head. But with time, effort and intention, we eventually see shifts and changes in our bodies, and start to move closer to that shape. 

What is really interesting is that this shifting and shaping is not just happening on a physical level. Our minds, thoughts, perceptions are also constantly evolving. What we are doing right now — what we’re reading, watching, speaking, thinking — is moving us into the next moment. It’s having a big impact on the direction we are heading. 

So although we can’t necessarily control what is going to happen tomorrow, next week or next year, we do have the ability to choose our direction. To reflect on what it is we want to shape us and how we want to evolve. Do I want to become kinder, more patient, more loving, whatever it might be —  start to ask yourself — am I engaging in things, with others and in the world in a way that is heading me in this direction? 

We always have this choice. 

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