This platform is about sharing practice – and life – with you.

Often it is thought that practice should look a certain way. A particular time, routine or way of living; and although discipline is necessary, balance is key. Our practice must move with the fluctuations we experience through life. Some days we have time for a long practice, other days it may be sitting with silence or burning incense. But each day finding space to reflect and expand. We believe practice is an intention — to pause and connect.

Our mission is to explore and share movement, mindfulness and artful living. We open this space to different ideas of practice, with the hopes of mutual encouragement and inspiration. 

Co Founders

Hay and Cyd met through a mutual interest in yoga. They share the belief that yoga practice is about cultivating peace and steadiness through consistency, rather than seeking an end goal.

Hayley, an 800hr Advanced Jivamukti Yoga teacher, is dedicated to the life-long study of yoga and teaching others with lightness and humour. Cyd, a registered emergency nurse, values processing the embodied experience through yoga. Their different backgrounds, interests and professions provides an expansive field of knowledge and practice.