Life in Practice started in 2020 as a passion project between Hayley and her wife Cyd. An idea to share an honest endeavour of living modern life with ancient spiritual teachings, alongside unique art and a beautiful aesthetic.

They wanted to create a safe and inclusive space to explore the vast field of practice. Somewhere to learn yoga, meditation, mindfulness and philosophy — in a way that honours tradition and lineage, but without judgement and dogma. A place to explore how these practices have the potential to transform the body, heart and mind, and to learn how to live life with more meaning and purpose.

As this platform and offerings continue to evolve and transform (like all things in life), our promise is to stay honest and authentic, and committed to sharing life and practice with you.


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From a young age Hayley was always interested in discovering a deeper meaning to life. In school she was much more concerned with finding out why we are here and what makes us happy, rather than figuring out what her career path would be. This search encouraged her to explore different religions, philosophies, travel — and anything that helped her to expand her mind. This path of exploration eventually landed her in a yoga class, and she’s been practicing ever since. 

For Hayley, it was the integration of movement, breath and philosophy that captivated her to the practice. It was peaceful and reflective; and over time, she noticed profound shifts in her body, mind and heart. Yoga allowed her to find the meaning she was looking for, and she feels very grateful to be able to share this with others

Hayley has spent the last 12 years diving deeply into the vast field of Yoga, exploring asana, breath work, meditation and philosophy. She has dedicated time to learning Sivananda, Ashtanga and Iyengar methods. Ultimately her heart was captured by the Jivamukti method, and she spent many years practicing and studying in this lineage (1000+hrs advanced certified). She is also trained in yin yoga (100hrs), mindfulness (100hrs), and has a dedicated vipassana meditation practice. 

Today, Hayley weaves her practice, experience and insights together to create meaningful and uplifting experiences. Her intention is to encourage those who practice with her to see yoga beyond what we do on our mats and with our bodies, and instead see how practice can change, shape and inspire every aspect of our life.


A donation from you supports Hayleys works and makes it possible to continue sharing these offerings.
Please know that whatever you offer is received with much gratitude.