This platform is about sharing practice – and life – with you. Often it is thought that practice should look a certain way. A particular time, routine or way of living; and although discipline is necessary, balance is key. Our practice must move with the fluctuations we experience through life. Some days we have time for a long practice, other days it may be sitting with silence or burning incense. But each day finding space to reflect and expand. We believe practice is an intention — to pause and connect. Our mission is to explore and share movement, mindfulness and artful living. We open this space to different ideas of practice, with the hopes of mutual encouragement and inspiration.




Hayley’s interest in spirituality was ignited during a trip to South East Asia in her early teens. She was particularly drawn to the philosophy and teachings within the Buddhist tradition. A few years later, having been convinced by her mum and sister, she attended her first yoga class — and she’s been practising ever since. She loved the integration of movement, breath and philosophy, and the clarity that came from practice. Yoga is now an integral part of her life. With over 10 years of dedicated practice and extensive study in the Jivamukti Method (1000+hrs Advanced Certified), Yin Yoga and Vipassana Meditation, she weaves these practices together to create meaningful and uplifting experiences for those who attend her classes. Hayley will always consider herself a student, exploring life and practice with humour and humility, and sharing that in her teachings.