Hayley’s interest in spirituality was first sparked in her teens during a trip to South East Asia. She was particularly drawn to buddhist teachings and philosophy, although it didn’t quite fit with her lifestyle at the time. A few years later her mum and sister convinced her to go to a yoga class and she’s been practising ever since. She loved the integration of movement, breath and philosophy, and the clarity that came from practice. Yoga quickly became an integral part of her life. Her intention was to learn and practice as much as she could. Now with over 10 years of dedicated practice and extensive study in the Jivamukti Method (1000+hrs Advanced Certified), Yin Yoga and current studies in Trauma and Healing. Hayley still considers herself a student, exploring life and practice with humour and humility, and sharing that in her teachings. 

Private Classes

Traditionally a yoga teacher and student would work closely together for many years. This allowed the student to embody the teachings and integrate yoga into all aspects of their life. When working one on one, a teacher can better understand the students individual goals and needs. The classes are tailored to suit you, wherever you are in your practice. You might be a complete beginner, working with an injury or feel like a group class isn’t appropriate for you. Maybe you have experience and want to go deeper and expand your knowledge, or a new teacher seeking guidance.

Private yoga classes are a great way to progress your practice. 

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